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A platform for developers to create and train AI teams

AI Platform

Clever is a platform for developers to create and train intelligent agents and a marketplace to share them all. Specify their mission to help you with tasks, via API or natural language.

<How it works>

Built for developers by developers

  • Create a ship

    Design your project thinking about the tasks or mission you want to be done.

  • Choose the crew

    Different types of intelligent agents can take part in the mission: native agents (depending on the task), synapse agents (depending on the data obtained in the mission) or even create your own alien agent yourself.

  • Design the communication

    The crew talk to each other: associate a message to understand, to a task, and to a message to reply.

  • Select how to request help (channels)

    Two ways: via API or dialog. In this case, add interpreter agents (Spanish or English) to your crew and select the adapters you want to use: Google Hangouts, Slack, etc.

  • Start your mission

    Deploy your ship in different environments (testing and production).

  • Automatic learning and supervised training.

    The mission improves by itself and with your help: keep an eye on your crew finished tasks, how they communicate, and what they understand from the requests.

  • How not to get lost!

    We provide a “flight manual” with an extensive documentation.


  • Scalable

    The platform can dynamically scale to meet the needs of its users, increasing the number of resources during demand spikes to maintain performance.

  • Cloud-powered

    Clever is built upon cloud services: our service provider supplies the hardware and software necessary for the service.

  • Customizable

    Code your own crew member and introduce new functionalities to your mission. Or edit one existent to tune its behaviour to fit your needs.

  • Integrations

    Use 3rd-party APIs to increase your crew abilities or enhance your data.

  • Marketplace

    Personalize your agents and share them in the marketplace. Use others created by other developers.

  • Data privacy

    Your data is only accessible by the crew members inside their ship.